Soil Investigation

Soil Investigation is the process of establishing the type of soil strata at a specific area, by drilling holes into the earth to obtain samples. The samples obtained arethe studied and verified by a team of experienced engineers. Soil investigation helps to provide information on soil parameters upon which design of subterranean structures such as piles and retaining walls can be carried out.

PT. ANEKA BANGUN REKATAMA ENGINEERING is a specialist company that can provide guidance and management of the investigation process through all phases of study, ground investigation, testing and design. Methods range from non-intrusive geophysics through to fully intrusive borehole installations. The method depends on parameters such as depth, soil type and access to the site It is common for investigations to be phased – allowing the results of the early phases to guide the next stages.

Soil Investigation Techniques that are employed for the majority of projects as followed :

- Boreholes

- In-situ Testing

- Trial Pitting

- Dynamics Probe Testing


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Geotechnical Instrumentation

Construction activities in particular deep excavation, tunneling and pile driving in close proximity to existing structures can cause damage and endanger lives. Hence, it is imperative to conduct continuous monitoring and assessment of the impact of the construction activities on the surroundings.


Foundation Testing

Foundation testing is paramount to determining the stability of a structure. Various testing methods such as the state pile load test, plate load test and the Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) test ( Using the patented PDA test frame method ) are available. These tests help to determine the stability of a structure, based on ground settlement.

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