What does a building contractor do?

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Types of Construction Contractors

If you have a specific type of work to be done, there are many specialists who might have more expertise in the field in question than general building contractors. Here's a look at some of the different types of construction contractors and what they do:

  • Concrete contractors. If you want to build elaborate retaining walls or complicated cement structures, you should look into hiring concrete contractors. These professionals also excel at doing the cement work for sturdy, reliable building foundations.
  • Masonry contractors. Planning some elaborate brickwork for your home? Look up local masonry contractors to help you realize your vision.
  • Drywall contractors. If you want your interior walls built by a professional, drywall contractors are the way to go.
  • Siding contractors. If your home, garage or shed is made of any type of siding, trust siding contractors to create an exterior that will look great and withstand the elements year after year.
  • Painting contractors. Some paint jobs are just too big to handle on your own – if you've got one, painting contractors can relieve you of the worry and burden of doing it yourself.
  • Roofing contractors. Replacing a shingled roof is one of the most common do-it-yourself home improvement projects, but if you lack the time or skill to do the job on your own,  roofing contractors are there to help. You might also hire a professional if you want to install a unique type of roof, such a roof made of metal shingles or one that includes solar panels.

The Responsibilities of a Building Contractor

Contractors hire, supervise and (if necessary) fire the workers who actually execute your construction project. They also procure all the necessary materials and permits to complete the task, and do their best to make sure the project stays within the defined budget. Finally, if any changes become necessary along the way, a contractor's experience and good judgment are assets you don't want to be without.


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Geotechnical Instrumentation

Construction activities in particular deep excavation, tunneling and pile driving in close proximity to existing structures can cause damage and endanger lives. Hence, it is imperative to conduct continuous monitoring and assessment of the impact of the construction activities on the surroundings.


Foundation Testing

Foundation testing is paramount to determining the stability of a structure. Various testing methods such as the state pile load test, plate load test and the Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) test ( Using the patented PDA test frame method ) are available. These tests help to determine the stability of a structure, based on ground settlement.

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